AMIAEDU Solar Fountain, Powered Water 4W Pump for Bird Bath with LED Lights, 7 Nozzle and Fixer Hummingbird Garden, Pond, Pool, Fish Tank, , Black


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  • 【Easy to Use & Anti-drift Device】: Simply placed in water and exposed to full sunlight to work immediately, our solar powered hummingbird fountain has automatic activation of water shortage protection as well as being equipped with 4 fixtures fixed in the center of the bird bath to prevent water from spraying out of the bird bath without wasting time refilling it frequently. Perfect for garden decoration and water circulation for oxygenation.
  • 【Upgrade Glass Solar Panel】: In order to be able to make solar birdbath fountain can be used in harsh environments. We add a layer of glass panel on the surface of the solar panel, which not only can effectively increase the conversion of solar energy into electricity under light conditions, but also can prevent the problem of oxidation fading and corrosion of the solar panel by sunlight and rain.
  • 【4W High Power & Battery Storage】: Newly upgraded high-efficiency conversion birdbath fountain solar power with built-in 3000mAh battery, the stored power can be used by the fountain for 6 hours at night. The solar fountain’s pump can also work in weak sunlight, and the spray height is determined by the strength of the sun and can reach up to 70CM.
  • 【7 Nozzles & 8 Types of Water Spray】: Solar powered fountain for Water Feature has 7 different nozzles, each nozzle has its own jet height and jet shape. You can choose and assemble according to your needs to create different waterscape patterns, and you can also replace the nozzle to adjust the height and shape to avoid overflowing the pot.
  • 【6 Colored LED Lights】: Outdoor solar fountain is equipped with 6 LED lights, it will store electricity in direct sunlight during the day, and automatically light up in the night and dim environment, RGB color automatic cycle setting, each different color LED randomly switch to show the colorful and unique water features.

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Solar water fountain pump makes your garden more dynamic and beautiful! Just put the solar powered fountain on the water and under the sun, it automatically switches on. Solar water fountain makes your garden vivid. Brings you and your family a pleasant feeling. Our Advantages: 1. 4W high power solar panel for more stable and long-lasting water spraying. 2. Extra large capacity battery backup with colorful Lights Aquarium LED for good performance at night. 3. 7 nozzle & 8 kinds of water spraying modes, the spraying height can reach 40-70cm on sunny days. 4. Made of glass solar panel and PET material to ensure long-term use in harsh environment. 5. Water shortage protection system and clogging protection system, we also equipped with 4 fixing devices in the center of the birdbath, can prevent water spraying out of the birdbath Note: ① Make sure there is enough water ② Make sure there is sufficient sunlight throughout the day Insufficient sunlight will affect the normal operation of the product ③ Check if the water pump is blocked by dust or covered by leaves ④ Check if the plastic film on the solar charging panel has been torn off. If the problem remains unresolved, please contact us promptly. ⑤Although it comes with its own filter, the pump needs to be cleaned regularly to better prevent it from being clogged with foreign objects. When there is little or no water sprayed, please take out the filter cotton or the rotor is cleaned or replaced: How to replace: The first step: remove the nozzle Step 2: Remove the water pump Step 3: Take out the filter cotton or rotor Step 4: Clean the filter cotton or rotor Step 5: Reassemble the fountain pump Package List: Solar Pump*1Nozzle*7 Connection pipe*4 plastic pipe*4

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