ALGWXQ Led Underwater Lights AC 12v IP68 Waterproof Low Power Consumption, High Brightness,Swimming Pool Fountain Aquarium Pond Landscape Lamp (Color : RGB, Size : 9W)


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  • ★ LED light source: high-brightness LED lamp beads, good color rendering performance, stable luminescence, low energy consumption, long service life
  • ★ Achieve 100% satisfaction through factory direct sales, if you are not satisfied for any reason, please feel free to contact us via email
  • ★ Scope of application:is mainly suitable for the decoration and beautification of water environment in fountains, swimming pool landscapes, squares and other places
  • ★ Material: All 304 stainless steel lamp body (including screws), precision die-casting, no rust, durable; waterproof silicone gasket, high sealing performance, safety,Toughened glass lampshade, good light transmittance, and the luminous effect is very good
  • ★ 100% waterproof and 12Vlow voltage power supply. Safe for humans and fish,double potting and waterproof, tested, rain and dust, greatly improved the stability of outdoor lighting and long-term use

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Product name: Pool lights (LED pool lights) (underwater lights, underwater lights, pool lights, swimming pool lights, fountain lights)
Model number: 6011
Voltage: AC 12V
Actual power: customizable
Power factor: ≥95
Lamp efficiency: ≥90%
Color effect: red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white, RGB color change
Control method: monochrome constant light/RGB internal control/RGB external control
Beam angle: 30-45-60-90-120° optional
Protection level: IP68
Ambient temperature: -20°–﹢55°C
Material quality: high quality glass
Dimensions: Φ285x215mm
Life: 50000h

Commonly used for projection lighting or decorative lighting of swimming pools, fountains, and landscape pools

1) Long service life, extremely low maintenance cost;
2) Low power consumption, high brightness, non-hot, low-voltage circuit is completely isolated from the mains, safe to use, and environmentally friendly;
3) Variety of colors, and can choose colorful color change;
4) The projection angle is variable, and the light can be projected from a long distance, a middle distance or a short distance, and a beam of light more than ten meters high can also be shot.
5) Flexible and convenient installation

How to buy a transformer for LED swimming pool lights (pool lights wholesale)

Transformer types: Ordinary transformer: Ordinary coil transformer.

Rainproof transformer: add rainproof shell.

Waterproof transformer: a fully waterproof transformer filled with glue, which can be immersed in water for use.

Installation precautions for LED pool lights (pool lights wholesale)

1. Configure a suitable transformer according to the total power of the LED underwater lamp. Generally speaking, the utilization rate of the transformer is 75%, that is, a 100W transformer drives a lamp that does not exceed 75W. Pay attention to the incoming and outgoing wires of the transf

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