7 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips,100 Strips Fish Tank Test Kit for Testing pH Nitrite Nitrate Chlorine General & Carbonate Hardness, Accurate Saltwater and Freshwater Aquarium Water Testing


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  • Accurate and Fast Acquisition of Measurement Results – Please put the aquarium test strips into the water for 30 seconds and remove it, then hold the strip horizontally and compare with color chart on bottle to get accurate value of the fish tank.
  • Portable and Easy to Carry: it including 100Pcs test strips in a bottle. you can take it to anywhere, and you can use it any time, very convenient.
  • Widely Application: Our aquarium test strips used to many fish tanks, such as Freshwater fish tank, Altwater aquarium, Fish bowl, Betta fish tank, Turtle tank.
  • 7 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips: Aquarium strips test for General Hardness, Nitrite, Nitrate, Total alkalinity, pH, Carbonate Hardness, and Chlorine.
  • Keep Your Fish Safe and Healthy: We recommend testing your fish tank at least twice a week. At the same time, we also provide a manual, which explains the various indicators of the water within which standards are beneficial to the growth of the fish.

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Aquarium test strips
6-in-1 aquarium test kit
aquarium test strips
best test kit for the aquarium

Products Introduction

aquarium test strips 6 in 1 is the optimum test kit, one trip performs six important tests. In just about one minute you will know your water’s General Hardness, Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, Carbonate Hardness, and Chlorine levels.

Take a close look at a aquarium 6 in 1 test strip

There are six pads on each test strip. each pad checks a different condition of the water. The test pads work by changing color to indicate the conditions of the aquarium.

Warm Notices:

1: Keep wet fingers out of the bottle.

2: Avoid touching or polluting the test area of strip.

3: Close cap tightly after removing strips.

4: For best results read in natural daylight.

5: Store in a cool dry place.

Steps for usage

1:Immerse the strip for 2 seconds and then remove the strip.

2: Do not shake excess water off, and then hold the strip horizontally for 60 seconds.

3: Compare against the color chart and read immediately within 30 seconds to get accurate readings.

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