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An aquarium is a wonderful micro-ecosystem, home to a variety of plants and animals. To keep it clean and make sure it’s a healthy environment, there are some simple rules to keep in mind.

Choose the type of fish you want. Before you buy any fish, make sure you read their needs, what their ideal habitat is, and understand their behavior from an environmental and behavioral perspective to ensure they are not incompatible. If two species are incompatible, then you cannot provide them with acceptable living conditions.

Decide on the quality of water you will have. Each species requires water with specific characteristics. Change the water regularly and add products that neutralize chlorine in tap water.

Equip the tank with a proper and functioning water filter. The filter is a very important function as it removes food scraps, excrement and other harmful products that may build up. So make sure the filter is clean and working properly.

Make sure your aquarium is set up properly. When you equip and decorate your tank, think carefully about what you will put in it. Some fish need a lot of hiding places because they are shy!

Choose the appropriate tank size. The size of the aquarium must meet the space requirements for the type and number of fish you are putting in. Find out how many liters of water each fish needs.

Learn about fish nutrition. Most fish can eat fish food you buy at your local pet store, just make sure you don’t give them too much and decide how many meals you give them each day.

Aquatic Experts Classic Bonded Aquarium Filter Pad

Classic Bonded Aquarium Filter Pad

Blue and white aquarium filter media rolls can be cut in bulk to fit most filters.
Our Classic Blue and White Bonded Filter Pads are a popular multi-purpose filter media ideal for freshwater or saltwater aquariums. The elastic fibers of the filter pad trap floating debris to help keep your aquarium crystals clear; the open fiber structure promotes water flow and prevents premature clogging.

Next Aquarium Expert:How to Take Care of Your Aquarium?

KloudAway Freshwater Aquarium Water Clarifier 

Aquatic Experts KloudAway is a blend of fish friendly ingredients that treat cloudy water in freshwater aquarium. The active ingredients work as a coagulating agent that targets unsightly particles in water such as uneaten fish food, dust, and other debris to produce crystal clear water. The microparticles clump together which makes it easier for mechanical filters to catch.

Next Aquarium Expert:How to Take Care of Your Aquarium?

Aquarium Decoration

They are made of safe and durable resin and are safe for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Each trim has a sturdy base, so you don’t need to worry about them floating around after you place them.

When cleaning the tank, simply wipe and rinse off the decorations with lukewarm water.

Instantly add magic to your aquarium with the aquarium accessories pack, perfect for adults and kids alike!

Most small to medium fish are suitable for this aquarium, allowing the fish to swim around.

Next Aquarium Expert:How to Take Care of Your Aquarium?

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